e4e is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by nThrive. nThrive is a growing industry leader that leverages technology, services, education and analytics to create complete Patient-to-PaymentSM capabilities that our clients need.

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A U.S. healthcare business services outsourcing company

Healthcare Business Solutions

Provider Solutions, including revenue cycle management and medical billing/medical coding services


High value end-to-end solutions streamlines cash flow and speeds up the reimbursement process, helping U.S. healthcare providers and hospitals to better manage the complexities of the Revenue Cycle – through significantly reducing costs, improving outcomes and quality, and increasing margins.
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Payor Solutions, including claims management, cost-avoidance, HCC coding services, and risk adjustment


With services such as Claims Lifecycle Management and Cost Avoidance Solutions, e4e offers improved business outcomes to the US Payers, through correct and timely re-imbursements and cost reduction that positively impact your bottom line.
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Technology Solutions, including workflow tools, payer platforms, and practice management


By using technology as an enabler, our clients are increasingly seeing the benefits by being able to better support their customer interactions. Our technology platforms have been designed to cover all aspects of the healthcare payment business continuum.
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HEALTHCARE AND LIFE SCIENCE ANALYTICS, including clinical documentation improvement and medical record audit services

Healthcare Analytics and Value Added Services

Apart from our core services, e4e also provides a comprehensive suite of Analytics Services, and Technology Products to help our clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable Healthcare services.
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