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Case Study
Ageing Accounts Receivables Report

Client Profile
A very large billing company based in Texas.

To analyze and improve the Collection, since the team was unable to meet the set target.

Our BPI team conducted a project improvement exercise and did the following:

The Approach

  • Collected all the relevant reports on ageing AR claims, both bucket-wise and insurance-wise
  • Emphasis was on claims with more than 90 days in ageing since these would normally be written-off first
  • Analyze the pending reasons of the over 90 days and to provide a solution matrix
  • Similarly, for other AR buckets to provide a solution matrix and control points to fix the issues on a permanent basis

The Solution
Our BPI team took the following initiatives to improve collections and get agents to meet their set targets:

  • Post studying 90-days pending claims through root cause analysis, they found various leavers that could have been rectified at the earlier stages of the claim processing.
  • The agents were trained to identify such levers and to analyze the claim in-depth to ensure closure within 2 or 3 follow-ups.
  • Client pending issues were consolidated and categorized based high dollar value and these were highlighted for immediate attention to the client-resulting in a permanent fix and preventing recurrence.
  • To directly reduce claims in the bucket and improve collections our BPI experts also suggested that the agents close pending claims for in-house coding support.
  • The operations team implemented the above improvement plan provided by BPI, which resulted in significantly improved collections.

The Results
As a result, the client achieved the following benefits:

  • Improved revenue
  • Decreased ageing claims
  • Timely collections
  • A robust preventive solution

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