e4e is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by nThrive. nThrive is a growing industry leader that leverages technology, services, education and analytics to create complete Patient-to-PaymentSM capabilities that our clients need.

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Client Thoughts

"Thank you for doing an awesome job with the inventory reduction."
- Revenue Cycle Manager at one of the largest and fastest-growing Emergency and Hospital Medicine groups in the nation

"Great finish to the month! We finally made one of our monthly goals for 2016! I appreciate everybody’s hard work!"
- Revenue Cycle Manager for a CA-based client

"Nice work by e4e last week, absolutely nailed production and lowered reporting inventory to normal levels."
- CEO at one of the largest billing companies in the US

"On behalf of the stateside team we would like to thank you and the Precoding team for exceeding the goal these past two days! Your extra efforts have not gone unnoticed as the team has directly impacted reducing the volumes in the Analysis Queue. Please express our appreciation to the rest of the team and keep up the good work!!"
- One of the largest and fastest-growing Emergency and Hospital Medicine groups in the US

"Fantastic closing balance!!!!!!!!!! Both coding and charge team have done an AWESOME job."
- Vice President Outsourced Business for a DE-based client

"AWESOME JOB! Thanks to the team for maintaining TAT’s and also working the backlog of the Needs Review accounts."
- Revenue Operations Supervisor for a LA-based client

"We met our cash goal this week! Our objective was to be at %86.96 & we are at 102.89 %!!"
- Medical Billing Specialist for a UT-based client

"The dedication from our e4e teams to provide the best possible services is beyond comparison. No matter what is asked of them, they always give their all. We consider our e4e teams to be an integral part of our entire company. Our relationship has evolved over the years to what it is today - a true partnership. "
- Business Administrator for a PA-based client


On Our Billing Solutions…
"The e4e Healthcare Business Services team has been very responsive to our needs in terms of the priority of assigned tasks and the ability to take on extra work at a moment's notice. The tasks we have assigned are completed in a timely manner and done in accordance with the protocol we have established. By utilizing your services, we are able to focus more on our client and strengthen our core delivery: A/R Management."
- Director, anesthesia department for a NY-based client

"We were a start up billing service…and elected to contract with e4e at the onset for back office work. We bill for a hospital based radiology group servicing six hospitals. e4e manages our demographic entry, diagnosis coding, charge entry, payment posting, insurance follow up and management reporting. We have experienced the usual challenges of a startup company as well as the typical day to day challenges of medical billing. However, we have found the team to be very dedicated, knowledgeable and responsive to our concerns and needs. In addition, the software team has been instrumental in designing processes to improve throughput. The bottom line is, six years later, our doctors are pleased with the improvement in collections. e4e continues to be a key player in the success of our company and I would not hesitate to recommend their service."
- COO of a CA-based client  

"We have been working with e4e for almost one year now and are extremely pleased with them. We have outsourced demographic data entry, charge and payment entry and insurance claim follow up. They are very accurate in their work and are very responsive to our changing needs. I would highly recommend them."
- An anesthesia-specialized billing company in the Southeast  

"We really appreciate all that you do to help make us a better company and increase our business's revenue. We are very happy to have you as partners and look forward to the future. Folks love our service and are seeing an immediate contrast to their old company. This should give us a great opening in Western New York. Nice job everyone involved."
- CEO of medical billing company

We are amazed and pleased with our continued relationship and the difference that e4e team is making to our inventory levels which is INCREDIBLE.
- Largest billing and physician-driven company

On Our Coding Services…
"I do not have any suggestions for improvement at this time. All work being performed by you is good and very well appreciated. No work backlogged; completed in a timely fashion. Nice job in getting current after having holiday time off in September. Very satisfactory…No error problems in September. Good job in catching problems. All problems have been addressed with safety check points put into place to catch and/or reduce errors. Nothing outstanding at this time. Everything satisfactory. Continue to review for errors prior to releasing to Coding. This is important for correct billing to go out. This is being done and the results are good."
- Large billing company in Ohio

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